Brick by Brick Collection

Brick by Brick Collection - Oberon Asscher
  The name "Brick by Brick" came to me initially out of frustration, but later as a reminder of our blessings. Building a brand can be disheartening, especially when others seem to grow much faster. However, upon reflection, I realized how far we've come, maintaining momentum and becoming a staple in the community. We've achieved this by laying one brick at a time. This collection serves as a reminder to me, the Oberon team, and our customers that Rome wasn't built in a day. We are still building, and each piece in this collection represents the daily effort leading up to its release.
Many of my designs are inspired by the sights and energy of different cities, particularly downtown areas where I spend most of my time. Growing up in a small town, I'm fascinated by the constant movement of the city. The beauty of this collection is drawn from city life. With spring here and summer approaching, I've decided to incorporate more colors. Each piece is designed to complement the others.

Brick by Brick Tee

You can’t go wrong with a fresh white tee. This Tee has the collection Logo on the back printed in black. Not only can you wear this but it also serves as a souvenir of this collection and a reminder to take it one Brick at a time.


Cream Graffiti Tee

This design proven to be a hit , so we decided to bring it back. Two  of my favorite Hues to mix. Any hue of red and any hue of yellow. On a cream you can go wrong with that.


Street Runners

Another fairly new Oberon Design proven to be a hit. This design resembles street lines. Trying to put out this design for three years were happy that this is a crowd favorite. A color perfect for the summer 


150 Logo top and bottom

Introducing a new logo, our 150 logo on a rubber pic patch . The 150 Logo derives from our last name “Asscher”. An Asscher diamond has 150 points and when viewed from the top its shaped like an octagon.


Priority Mail Tee

An ode to  our love for the skate culture. Our Logo drawn on a priority mail stamp.


Street Runners Shorts

Yellow Street runners in shorts . Every one needs a pair of yellow shorts

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