Style Influence : Marc Sole

Style Influence : Marc Sole - Oberon Asscher


What influences your style?

Music. I go to a few people for reference, like Pharrell, Teyana Taylor, PJ Tucker, Chase B, Cardo Got Wings, and ASAP Rocky. These are just a few I reference when it comes to streetwear styles.

I also like Tyler, the Creator's style, but my style has changed over the years from what I grew up on. I still incorporate a few of my old looks; I just remix them with the new so that I'm not out here just biting styles.

I love how I’ve transitioned into my style now. I'm comfortable, and I’m always getting compliments on my style. I always get asked if I’m from LA or somewhere on the West Coast because of my style. I just like that skateboard and BMX look.

Outfit: Oberon I ❤️ ATL Tee, Kapital Skeleton Jean Shorts, Air Jordan 1, Just Don New Era Cap, Cartier Watch, Oberon Necklace and Charm by London Luxe Jewelry .


More to add..

Fashion-wise, people have burned out a lot of brands. I prefer timeless pieces and timeless brands. You (Oberon Asscher) create timeless pieces; you’ve made shirts that hold memories and give people comfort. I’m more into brands like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of bigger brands too. Rick Owens, Saint Michael, Kapital, and Needles are some of my favorites and my go-to brands.


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